Creekstone Premium Black Angus, only at Green Hills

Do you know where your beef comes from? At Green Hills you do! Creekstone Farms processes only the finest Premium Black Angus Beef, raised and grazed in the USA (not in Mexico or Canada.) That means Creekstone not only supports local farms, they also ensure their beef meets some of the most rigid food standards in the world.

Black Angus is more than just a color. Black Angus cattle are recognized as the premier breed and produce the most tender and flavorful beef available. Unlike other programs that sort cattle according to hide color, Creekstone Farms verifies that every animal they harvest carries 100% Black Angus genetics.

Beef quality is not only determined through genetics but through animal–handling practices from the farm to the plant as well. At Creekstone Farms, humane handling is monitored via affidavit back to the source of origin. Their animal receiving area was designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, associate professor of animal science at Colorado State University—and one of the leading experts on animal welfare. It was designed to keep animals calm and relaxed; you won’t find any cattle prods here. Creekstone applies as little external stimuli as possible and this lower stress level translates to a more tender and savory beef.


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